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...If I ever manage to successfully make a sponge cake in my home, it will be a story fit for the front page of newspapers. This has got to be possibly the 9th time I have failed in sponge making, or anything involving an egg foam (of course, if you count anything involving egg foams, the number is much higher). And I have a diploma in baking. Bloooody hell.

Strawberries in a victoria sponge, you will have to wait.


I'm getting better! Yaaaaay. Still a bit fluffy-headed, but not so tired and miserable. I think my grandma might be getting sick though. Oops.

Getting distracted by tumblr even though I'm supposed to be writing this report about my car jack~


Hoshit what did I get myself into ._.;;;;;

Uni is fun, but I'm gonna be super super ridiculously busy. T-T

brb laughing forever

A friend and I go to watch a movie. We Whatsapp each other, it's cheaper than texting.

Me : I'm here. Where are you?
Her: Toilet
Me : Wth. Which toilet? (obviously I meant which toilet in the mall.)
Her: Mens.
: *long line of f*cks*
: Kill me now

And I am standing in the middle of a mall, laughing until I can't breathe. XD And later she tells me this is the second time she's done this. Accidentally walking into the Mens' toilet that is. XD

I love you babe. XD


My dad just retired like last week. He's ridiculously happy, but he's clearing out his clinic now, so the house is kind of resembling a pharmacy. We have bags of syringes, needles, leftover drugs, old medical records, old medical journals, heavy dusty books, did I mention drugs? And miscellaneous office stationery. The open spaces that people don't usually walk about in are currently occupied by all his stuff. It's interesting. Only I got the odd office rolly chair shoved in my room. And my dad walks in with the reams of A4 paper for printing and looks at me expectantly.

....No, dad. (okay well actually more like I said 'WHY DO YOU WANT TO KEEP THE PAPER IN MY ROOM?')

And he's all. 'Then where do I put it? ._. You print stuff right?'

And I'm like. '...Yeah, but the printer is downstairs.'

'...Then where do I put it?'

'....Downstairs, with the printer.'


No dad, I do not want my room resembling a storeroom. It already does. ._. I need to figure out where to put all my stuff.


I watched this and squealed "OH MY GOD" at glass breaking decibels for pretty much the entire clip after the duckies started rolling.

brb ded from cute


Happy Birthday Emma~~~~~~ <3333333333333 *dives into your popcorn*


....head hurts. Coughing. Can't sleep cause head hurts. But wanna sleep. Coughing won't let me sleep either. WHY WORLD WHY.

And I have to go back to work tomorrow and sleep at the hostel and take cold showers. -_-;; Do not want.


Gafflwn Dihenydd,
o'r fuddugoliaeth wiriol sydd.
Ni fydd neb yn ein Drechu,
Falch ydy ni i drochu traed o flaen i'r Annwn yn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni.

We cheat death
From his rightful victory
No one can overcome us
We are glad to plunge
Feet first into Annwn
In the knowledge we will rise.


....Car accident.

Hit and run.

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